My shadow posing in the daisies.

About this site

Welcome to my site for having fun with photography.

The content on here will be more about the why of taking photos rather than the how. There is more than enough content already created on technique and equipment. Much more important in my view is why you do it and what the images mean to you.

I will have information on cameras but none of these will be current equipment, pretty much everything I own is over 7 years old and many people would think they are well past their prime.

But I would argue against that. It’s so easy to chase the latest greatest humungous megapixel sensor with 20 stops dynamic range partnered with some crazy expensive 1.2 lenses. But if you take a rubbish photo with it, it is still a rubbish photo.

Buying older equipment is also a lot cheaper than jumping on the bandwagon for new kit.

I would like to say I don’t have Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), I do, the stuff is just a lot older and more affordable.