Black and white Ricoh GRII around Shrewsbury

I’m off to Snowdonia for a weeks walking before I start my new job.

Hoop shadow

It’s quite a long drive to get there and then do a long walk up the mountains. So I decided to stop off for a day with Mum. She’s been off out most of the day with friends so as the weather was so good I popped the Ricoh GRII into my pocket and off for a walk.

Old railway line

I had intended just going for a short walk down the old railway line to the River Severn.

But as it was such a nice day I decided to carry on into town.

St Chad’s church
St Chad’s church
St Chad’s church

I very much felt like a black and white day and wanted to try the high contrast black and white setting on the Ricoh. In the past I found it a bit too contrasty so set the contrast to the lowest setting. I also shot in raw+jpg so I always had a back up.

Inside St Chad’s
Inside St Chad’s

I ended up mostly using the jpg versions and pumping up the contrast in Lightroom, so next time I think I will tweak the settings on the camera and have a bit more faith in it!

Even though I was born in Shrewsbury and only left when I was 19, I sort of forgot how beautiful can be and the Mount of impressive architecture it has spread around the town.

As it was a Sunday the place was pretty quite which helped when making the photos.

I then headed downriver back in the general direction of mums house.

And then over the river to the modern county council HQ of Shire Hall.

Lord Hill column in Shirehall window
Lord Hill column

Finally I headed back, looking forward to a nice cup of tea and a custard tart that mum had bought me. What was intended as a short walk ended up being a 3 hour one!

But I really enjoyed my time and playing with the Ricoh. I was going to sell it last week but after this experience and looking at the results it’s definitely staying with me.






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