First try with Washi Z

The great thing about film, especially black and white is there is so much to try. I think there is actually more than when I first did my own developing about 10 years ago.

When I’m in London I always try and visit the Photographers Gallery and pick up a few rolls of film. This time I’m trying some Washi Z from France.

I loaded it in my Rollei 35 which I took on holiday to Crete, then some hiking in South Wales and a trip to Bournemouth.

If this was a digital camera I would have already shot hundreds of very similar images. I find film slows me down and I’m a lot more deliberate, hence the various locations.

One of the many bridges in Newcastle upon Tyne

I’m really pleased with the results. I developed in HC-110 and the results were nice and contrasty. The film is pretty thin in comparison to some but it stays nice and flat for scanning.

Graffiti in Bournemouth

I might try and pick up some more next time I’m there or even try some other Washi films. They have a pretty good variety with some really wacky ones.

Wild horses on the Black Mountain
The black mountain.
Wild horses on the Black Mountain






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