FujiFilm F10

Fujifilm F10 – A digicam revisited.

Apple photos is an amazing app. Every day I get memory suggestions from all of the images stored there, all 15,000 of them.

It’s a great way to relive memories, most of the time I just think nice photo but take little notice of what camera it was captured on. A fair amount will be from the iPhone but there are still quite a lot captured on other devices.

Beautiful skin tones from the Fujifilm sensor

A few months ago a couple popped up of my son and daughter when they were little. Great images I thought and just look at the beautiful colours. Must have been one of my DSLRs from back when.

I’m pretty sure this was the first digital camera that I bought and it made me find all of the photos that had been taken with it. Some fantastic memories.

I had a hunt around the house, even in the treasure trove of my “man drawer” but couldn’t find it. I think I lent it to one of the children for a school assignment or some scout camp thing and it never came back.

So a quick pop over to the famous auction site and I managed to pick one up for less than £10. It was advertised as not working as the battery was dead and they did have the charger. Luckily I have a universal charger that comes in handy with all of the different digital cameras I’ve acquired.

An hour later it powered up, result!

FujiFilm F10
FujiFilm F10

So a quick walk with the dogs along the route and I fired off a few test shots to see what the results would be like.

Ready for action!
Ready for action!

Having established that the camera works and produces great results I took it on a trip to Bournemouth where my daughter is at University.

The controls available are pretty basic, at the back you get a rocker switch for wide and tell optic zoom. Most of the time I leave it at 35mm, it always defaults back to this when you turn it on anyway. 

The top gives you a few modes. AUTO, you have very little control here, a real point-and-shoot! SP, Is for pre-define scenes like portrait, sport, landscape etc.

Finally, you have M for manual mode, although it’s a lot more limiting than the standard Manual mode. It allows exposure compensation, metering mode (multi, spot and average) and white balance.

Not a huge amount but enough creative control for you to get the image you want.







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