Newcastle upon Tyne

Recent roll of Kentmere 400 from Olympus XA camera.

Here are a few shots from a roll of Kentmere 400 that I shot in Budapest, Brighton and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Self portrait from the start of the film. Taken from the hotel window in Budapest

I’ve started a bit of a trend to take the odd picture right at the start of the roll of film before it gets to the “1” mark. My thoughts are you have to shoot something anyway with a film camera so might as well try something a bit different to see what you get.

The few images were right at the end of of long weekend we had to Budapest.

Ferris wheel in Budapest
Church in Budapest

We had another short break a few weeks later in Brighton on the south coat of England. The weekend was very cold but luckily dry, which is a bonus this time of the year in England.

A very very cold and miserable Brighton beach.
Person abseiling down the i360 tower in Brighton
Selfie in Bric-a-brac shop in Brighton
Bric-à-brac shop in Brighton. I’m not 100% sure I saw the body and legs from the person that’s outside when I took this but I’ll claim it!
Floor tiles outside opticians in Brighton

I had an overnight business trip in Bristol so took a long way around to the train station.

Bristol docks

And finally a trip up to Newcastle upon Tyne where the company I work for is based. We had our Christmas party on the Friday and I had a flight back of Saturday lunchtime.

As usual for Newcastle it was very cold so rather than sit in my hotel room feeling sorry for myself with a hangover I decided to go for a bracing walk. I’m glad I did aa I got a few shots and felt a lot better.

Millennium bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne
Millennium bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne
Sightseers working out where they are in Newcastle upon Tyne






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