My shadow posing in the daisies.

Self portrait project

One of the first images anyone takes is the obligatory photo in the mirror, normally their camera is obscuring most or all of the face. I’ve certainly done it many of times over the past 40 odd years I’ve been doing photography.

Taken whilst out for a run. Canon S95

Hotel room. Ricoh GX100

I wanted to set myself a few projects to challenge myself this year and to create a bit of a theme to build on.

One of them is self portraits.

Out for a long walk with Ruby. Ricoh GX100

Like many photographers I’m pretty hopeless in front of the camera and to be honest I’m not that keen on having my photo taken, I’m well aware of the irony of that. But to be honest I’m the main one in the family that takes photos, if I don’t do it we would have had very few memories over that last 20 years. So inevitably I’m behind the camera recording or orchestrating proceedings

Spring afternoon.
A sunny spring day, high contrast b&w from a Ricoh GR ii

I’m about 3 weeks in so far and most of them have been pretty abstract, quite a lot of shadows or reflections!

Chilling out in coffee shop. Canon S95
Multiple reflection in barbers shop window, Cardiff. Ricoh GX100

However, I do want to to push myself a bit more so I’m hoping to get some more where there are more of me in them.

Hotel mirror. Ricoh GX100

This doesn’t come natural to me. Plus I no longer have a tripod so I’m going to have to improvise somewhat.

Hotel lobby. Canon S95





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