Self-portraits II

A few more self-portraits from the last few months.

Taken on a wide range of cameras including Panasonic action waterproof camera, Ricoh GX100 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Mirrors in a local Bric-a-brac shop.
Elevator at work.
Waiting for a taxi from our hotel in Budapest.

The above was taken at the Intercontinental hotel in Budapest. We were sitting in the lobby of the hotel killing some time waiting for our taxi to the airport. The sun was setting over Buda castle and spreading a beautiful soft light over everything. The iconic yellow trams go past the hotel and I thought if I position myself just right I could get a shot of the sun through the tram windows. So I went outside and gave it a try.

This is where digital excels as I needed a few tries to nail it. But I’m very pleased with the result below. I know it’s not a set portrait but I want to include it anyway as it shows how you can visualise a shot before you have made it.

Setting sun through tram window.

Ruby is not happy that I’m outside and she is inside.
Broken mirror found on a footpath.
In a swimming pool with my Panasonic FT4 camera.
X marks the spot. Moisture rings on recently felled oak logs make an interesting pattern.






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