Visit to Los Angeles

I started a new job at the beginning of March, my first day coincided with their world wide sales kick off meeting in their HQ in Pasadena.

I decided to fly over on the Saturday morning to try and let the jet lag settle in a bit, I didn’t fancy walking straight into a sales conference at a new company the day I landed!

I arrived mid afternoon on the Saturday afternoon and by the time I’d got from the airport to the hotel I only had a few hours of light left. So I took a quick walk around to top up on some new jeans and the odd T-shirt before heading to dinner and then bed.

As my body clock was 8 hours behind I woke up early, so headed off to breakfast and then out for a good walk around Downtown and hopefully get some nice photos.

The weather the last few weeks and been very unseasonal, very cold, they even had snow on the Hollywood sign and the surrounding hills. Something not experienced for a generation or my. Typical, just as I arrived!

The morning started off very overcast and then started to rain, the medium type that just seems to hang aground. Oh well, I’m British so a bit of rain wouldn’t put me off.

So I just headed off with no particular plan. I decided that black and white was order of the day to match my mood and the weather.

I forgot how tricky it can be to walk around the US, most cities are on a grid so you are constantly waiting for the pedestrian light to change to cross. As as Los Angeles is such a car culture this can take an age.

Walt Disney concert hall.
No quite a No.9 London bus, but nice to have a bit of colour.
Walt Disney concert hall in the rain.

You are not supposed to jay walk, but it was a Sunday and I thought if I got stripped I’d play the “I’m British” card and plead ignorance.

I had a wander around the very geometric Frank Gehry Walt Disney concert hall and then headed back downtown via Grand Park.

Los Angeles city hall
Los Angeles city hall
Hey, You can’t park there!

At this point the rain stopped and the sun came out, weather like I was expecting it to be!

So I headed into the central market for a coffee, rest and a chance to dry out.

I’d had a massive breakfast at the hotel so wasn’t feeling hungry, otherwise I’d have tried out one of the food stalls as they looked and smelt amazing.

At this point I needed a bit of a rest as I’d been up since 6 and walking around a good part of the day. So I popped back to my room for a coffee.

But soon decided to venture back out to visit a beach.

More to come…






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