Week break in Instow North Devon. Part 1

We booked a week’s break during half-term for my wife and son. My daughter is at university and her term times don’t align. So just the three of us plus Ruby our younger Jack Russell.

The beautiful estuary beach at Instow. iPhone 11 Pro.

We found Instow a bit by accident. Last year I treated my son to a long weekend away at a location of his choice, he chose Bideford North Devon. We’d hired bikes on one of the days to do some of the tarka trail. Towards the end rather than return to Bideford we pressed on a bit and found Instow. Even in September dogs were allowed on it so it went down in the old memory bank for future stays.

Instow beach. Fujifilm X100S.

I packed a newly acquired camera bag with a selection of film and digital cameras. Images from the film cameras will have to wait a while. Ill hopefully update these posts with the images once I get around to developing and scanning them.

I brought along a Fujifilm X100S which I bought a while ago and never really got around to using that much. So I dusted it over to see how I would get on with it. I’ve been on a bit of a full recently so if I didn’t like it then it would be one for the block.

Old boat. Fujifilm X100S

Luckily. I got on really well with it. Which should not have been a surprise based on how many they have sold of the various iterations. The handling harks back to older film cameras with quite a few dials. I much prefer this approach compared to wading through various menus. I always forget where an option is and often miss the opportunity.

Sunset on Instow beach. iPhone 12 Pro
Abandoned boats. iPhone 12 Pro.

I’m still experimenting with what format to shoot on the camera, raw or jpg. Or both. So far I’m very impressed with the jpgs that come out and they get to within a gnats hair of the Lightroom adjusted raw versions. I’ll give it a bit more time before I fully decide one way or another.

Follow the way. Fujifilm X100S.
Lost hat. iPhone 12 Pro.

The above is the start of a new ongoing project to record items that people have dropped and some kind soul has put somewhere obvious hoping they will return. I got the idea from the excellent “Photo Walk” podcast. I’ve called it “Lost, not found”.

Goofy Graffiti. iPhone 12 Pro.
Fujifilm X100S. Testing the close up capabilities.

We are here for 6 days so some more posts will follow.





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