My journey with photography

  • Fujifilm F10 – A digicam revisited.

    Fujifilm F10 – A digicam revisited.

    Explore the Fujifilm F10 digital camera, relived through the lens of Experience this classic camera’s design, features and capabilities, and discover why it’s still a popular choice for photographers today

  • First try with Washi Z

    First try with Washi Z

    The great thing about film, especially black and white is there is so much to try. I think there is actually more than when I first did my own developing about 10 years ago. When I’m in London I always try and visit the Photographers Gallery and pick up a few rolls of film. This…

  • First roll with Lomo LC-A

    First roll with Lomo LC-A

    I had a Lomo LC-A a few years ago but sold it off along with other cameras when I moved to digital. After getting back into film I decided to get another one. Actually I ended getting quite a few other film cameras. I got GAS big time but that’s another story! So I headed…

  • Self portrait project

    Self portrait project

    One of the first images anyone takes is the obligatory photo in the mirror, normally their camera is obscuring most or all of the face. I’ve certainly done it many of times over the past 40 odd years I’ve been doing photography. I wanted to set myself a few projects to challenge myself this year…

  • First post!

    First post!

    Well, I’ve finally got around to creating a blog again! I used to have one when I ran my own photography business about 10 years ago. Things have moved on a lot since then, especially on the social media side. I dabbled with Facebook for a year or two and realised I’m just not a…